Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me and Louis Wu? Yeah, Weez Tight

Me and Louis Wu? Yeah, I know him. If you don't, he's the webmaster of, the main fansite for all things Halo related. His real name is actually Claude Errera, but no one ever calls him that (his name comes from a character from Ringworld. Halo - Ringworld, get it?). His website is basically the main hub of the Halo community, with daily news postings, discussions, and anything related to the world of Halo. Louis is in fact so well known that his name appears in the credits of all three Halo titles, even the first, and also had a character in one of the games named for him. There's even a whole segment on the special edition of Halo 3 where they visit his house and interview him.

Sometimes if I see an interesting bit of Halo-related news that hasn't appeared on HBO (as the fans call his site) I'll send in an e-mail with the news. So far I've managed to make the front page twice, here, and here (look for Herr Zrbo).

So this morning I saw an interesting bit of news, checked out HBO and thought that I hadn't seen it posted there, so I sent off a little e-mail to Louis informing him of it. After I sent the tidbit I checked out the site again and noticed that the news I thought I had heard first was actually the first news item of the day, having been posted a few hours before. Whoops.

BUT, I did receive an e-mail from Louis! It read:

"Was the first news post of the day - still on the front page. : )"

Yeah, that's right. I got a personal e-mail from Louis. Like I said - me and Louis? Yeah, we go way back.

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